Our Story

Founded in 2008, The College Tuition Benefit® (CTB) promotes the value and affordability of higher education and closes the education disparity gap. CTB seeks partnerships with like minded corporations who wish to share our educational goals with their customers and clients. CTB’s platform has become a core part of corporate financial wellness programs, as well as a product differentiator for the financial services industry. In addition, the program has measurable success metrics that increase Partners returns.

CTB’s corporate partnerships have extended this unique offering to over fifteen million families and it is appreciated by over two hundred thousand employers.
About Us

Our Platform Offers:

  • Tuition discounts for millions of students who can attend over 460 colleges and universities
  • Tuition discounts for adult learners for online degrees
  • Ready Set College (college planning tools)
  • FastTrak (pre-application student acceptance)
  • Medicare & Social Security tools
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is our foundation dating back to when the CTB program was built

Our database of account holders and their student beneficiaries mirrors the national demographics. CTB ensures that account holders and their student Beneficiaries receive every opportunity, and feel included to reach the education and financial wellness goals that are embedded in the program.