Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at The College Tuition Benefit

Our company seeks to improve academic outcomes and educational return through investment, education, partnerships, and innovation at the intersection of higher education, families, and students. The College Tuition Benefit program (CTB), offered by SAGE CTB, LLC, affirms our responsibility to promote diversity and equity and to cultivate an inclusive environment reflecting our commitment and values to equitable opportunity for college education, attainment, and funding. We are a company advancing and pushing against the norms of accessibility to a college education, which arises from our unique lived experiences and culture. CTB advances these matters because we believe in the potential of every learner, regardless of socioeconomic status, race, gender, or any myriad of intersectionalities. We organize activities and example initiatives according to four categories.

Tuition Rewards® guaranteed tuition discounts (up to 25%), accepted at over 450+ private colleges and universities, providing, vital support for many who may not see private college as an affordable option.
SAGE Prime account holders and employers can save a minimum of 10%, to further continue their education at a separate network of schools.

Access & Equity

FastTrak makes the admissions process equitable for students, while pairing them with a college that is matched to their individual and diverse needs. Barriers are further reduced by waiving admissions fees.
Retirement Tools (Medicare & Social Security Timing) educate the majority who do not have a financial advisor. Provides support for their most important decisions, which impacts their retirement financial future and reduces generational wealth inequity.

Education & Support

Through the SAGE Scholars Concierge Service, & College Essay Consultations we offer hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual scholarships to reduce the cost of a high-quality, private college education, including seven HSBC’s.

Enrollment & Retention

CTB believes the best strategy is to break down barriers for enrolling and retaining students and account holders by supplementing and scaffolding their participation with extended support, including network school counseling, that assists them through degree completion, along with SAGE Scholars Newsroom, SAGE Secure, & Ready Set College.