Providing Guaranteed Scholarships For Your Clients


The College Tuition Benefit®, CTB is a unique financial wellness program that fits seamlessly into your practice.

Valuable sales benefits to help grow your business

  • Door Opener – use CTB to get appointments with new prospects and knock-out your competition
  • Drive New Product Sales/Assets – introduce CTB to existing clients and add new products to their portfolio and accumulate assets
  • Increase Retention Rates – clients accumulate additional discounts by maintaining policies and managing assets under you
  • High Return – for a nominal fee, provide tuition discounts to clients for referrals, meeting each year,
    and managing assets

Program highlights

  • Like frequent flyer miles, Tuition Rewards are earned by your clients for meetings, purchasing products, retaining assets, referrals, etc.
    1 Tuition Rewards Point = $1 guaranteed tuition discount, reducing tuition up to 25%
  • Tuition rewards can be gifted by clients to their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, stepchildren and godchildren
  • Tuition Rewards are tax-free
  • Enjoy other financial wellness benefits: Ready Set College (college planning tools), FastTrak (pre-admission approval), and other benefits